About Huron, Ohio's Main Street Tavern


The Main Street Tavern in Huron opened late summer 2012. 

We spent countless hours cleaning, remodeling, and upgrading the building so that we could have a top notch bar atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

We focus on having great service, great food, and an extensive selection of beers to please the palate of the most discerning beer drinker. On the weekends we book live entertainment to give people somewhere to come and enjoy themselves and catch some great live music, and other functions.

During the week we also have specials and promotions on food and drinks, like Burger Mondays and Taco Tuesdays as well as Trivia on Thursday nights where you can win cash, and free drinks! It’s a blast for everyone. 

If you have been to The Main Street Tavern during the day, you will know that we are also family friendly, and have accommodations for your little ones, as well as breakfast Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:30 am

If you have not been here yet, we hope that you come check us out very soon!

“…Burger Mondays and Taco Tuesdays as well as Trivia on Thursday nights where you can win cash, and free drinks!”

If you have any questions about Main Street, or want to book a party or live entertainment please contact us!